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If you have a pyrotechnic composition that is measured in parts per total mix and you want to convert the ingredients as percentage of the total formula then this is mathematic formula you need to apply.

Note this pyrotechnic formula is an example only and does not represent any actual composition.

Potassium nitrate 60
Charcoal 38
Sulfur 24
Aluminium powder 8
Dextrin 2
Total by weight 132

First step is to add all the ingredients by weight to obtain a grand total. In the example above you would add 60 + 38 + 24 + 8 + 2 = 132. Now divide 100 by the grand total 132, this will return a of .7575

For each ingredient in your composition multiply it by the result of the equation above. For example:

Ingredient Calc Result Rounding
Potassium nitrate 60 x .7575 45.45 45.5
Charcoal 38 x .7575 28.785 29
Sulfur 24 x .7575 18.18 18
Aluminium powder 8 x .7575 6.06 6
Dextrin 2 x .7575 1.515 1.5

In relation to the rounding, you may need to adjust the numbers as we have above to either the closes half a percent or full number to obtain exactly 100 percent

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