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Yankie’s Flash Stars glow orange for a short time before erupting in a bright white ball of light, similar to a camera flash. As star size increases the stars have a tendency to strobe. These stars are great for those with limited access to chemicals as it relatively cheap and easy to obtain ingredients.

[edit] TutorialEdit


Potassium nitrate 40
Aluminum (325- Mesh Atomized) 20
Sulfur 10
Dextrin 5
Boric acid 1

Method Ball mill all the ingredients except the aluminum for around 10 minutes. Screen the aluminium into the mix using the screen method until the mixture is homogeneous. Now wet the composition with water:alcohol (75:25) (methylated spirits works). The stars can be pumped or cut, but must be bigger than 4mm as they may not work if they are smaller. Cutting the stars is easiest as you can paint a black powder slurry on the top of the slab before breaking it apart, thus only priming one side and allowing a longer delay. If you prime them on all sides the delay is reduced.

For 100% reliability it is recommended you prime these stars with "Shimizu Twinkler" found here:- Star Primes then a final layer of Black powder.

Summary 4mm stars tend to flash 1 or 2 times, 8mm stars will flash 3-4 times and the bigger the stars get the more flashes and more rapidly they will flash. Heres a video of a 10mm cut star Retrieved from "

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