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White stars are difficult to obtain, especially without the use of metals. Most formulas include either a form of aluminum, which is known to burn bright white, or antimony trisulfide, which is slightly expensive and quite toxic.

[edit] FormulasEdit

The first formula is from a pyrotechnics composition list citing "The Best of AFN II" as the source. The second formula is my own, being made for better color and easier measurement. The third formula includes some pyro aluminum to brighten the white color but not necessarily speed the burn rate. Thus, it is the one I use for my stars.

White #1

Potassium nitrate 28
Antimony trisulfide, Chinese Needle 6
Sulfur 8
Dextrin 1.5

White #2

Potassium nitrate 60
Antimony trisulfide, Chinese Needle 16
Sulfur 20
Dextrin 4

White #3

Potassium nitrate 55
Antimony trisulfide, Chinese Needle 14
Sulfur 17
Aluminum, German Blackhead or any pyro grade 10
Dextrin 4

Simple White

Potassium nitrate 50
Aluminium, Atomized 30
Sulfur 20
Dextrin +4

[edit] InstructionsEdit

Since these compositions do not include any magnesium or flake aluminum, there is relatively little chance of reaction with water. Thus, these compositions are water-bound with dextrin. Mill the potassium nitrate together with the sulfur thoroughly with a coffee grinder or ball mill. Do not put any fuels like aluminum or antimony trisulfide in your mill or grinder as they are too sensitive to be milled with an oxidizer. Once milled, screen the potassium nitrate and sulfur mix together with the dextrin until homogeneous. Use the diaper method to add in the antimony trisulfide. Fold the mixture onto itself until homogeneous. In the third mixture, use the diaper method to mix in both the antimony trisulfide and the pyro aluminum. Wet the mixtures using the standard 75/25 water to isopropyl alcohol mixture until it just sticks together. Pump or cut these stars and prime in meal black powder. If this priming method makes the stars difficult to light or they blow blind, it might be useful to add a small amount of pyro aluminum to your black powder before priming. You could also use veline's superprime if you continue to have problems, but I achieve ignition solely with meal powder. Use a hot prime for the Simple White, as they are quite difficult to ignite. I usually find that Aluminium and iron oxide added to the meal powder works well. Also add dextrin to the prime, as you will need a thick coating

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