Violet Stars (Organic)Edit

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These stars are rather uncommon and rarely found in consumer fireworks. They often feature some of the most exotic coloured effects in fireworks competitions. The colour is obtained by using red and blue colour donors in the same composition. The reader is also refered to the page on the Veline color system. It´s possible to substitute the potassium perchlorate with potassium chlorate.

Bleser AP purple is metallic.

Shimizu Violet star #1
Potassium perchlorate 61.3
Red gum 9.1
Copper carbonate (basic) 5.0
Strontium carbonate 7.4
Parlon 12.4
SGRS or Dextrin 4.8
Add 25% alcohol / 75% water
Shimizu Violet star #2
Potassium perchlorate 64.0
Red gum 9.5
Cupric oxide 5.2
Strontium carbonate 7.8
Parlon 8.7
SGRS or Dextrin 4.8
Add 25% alcohol / 75% water
Bleser purple
Potassium perchlorate 68
Cupric oxide 6
Strontium carbonate 9
PVC 11
Dextrin 5
Add 25% alcohol / 75% water 

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