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Due to the needless use of fine magnesium, this flash powder is extreemely sensitive, even in comparison to other sensitive pyrotechnic compositions. Additionally, since perfectly suitable alternatives exist using only Aluminium, which have the suitable power for almost all, if not all possible legitimate pyrotechnic uses, this composition is one that you have no reason ever to make.

We strongly reccomend that you take our advise and stick to Aluminium based flash, or avoid flash altogether.

TP FlashEdit

TP Flash is a mixture which has been invented by TP. This mixture has a substantially quicker burn rate than customary mixtures of this kind. Therefore a huge bang is already to be heard from an openly lighted amount from 5 grams.


Potassium perchlorate 65%
Aluminium (German Dark Pyro) 12,5%
Magnesium (230 Mesh) 22,5%

Method Grind the potassium perchlorate by itself in a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder until it is a very fine powder. Mix Aluminium and Magnesium to a homogeneous mass. Now give the mixed metals and the KCLO4 on a sheet of paper and mix them after that Diaper Method.

Ignition It can be ignited by Blackmatch or some other kind of fuses.

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