Strontium sulfateEdit


Formula: SrSO4Edit

Description: Strontium sulfate is used as a high-temperature oxidiser in some metal based red color compositions, and is particularly important in Ammonium perchlorate based red strobes.

Hazards: Strontium sulfate is not particularly dangerous or toxic.

Sources: Strontium sulfate may be precipitated from a solution of a soluble strontium salt , such as strontium nitrate  or chloride, and a sulfate. Magnesium  and potassium sulfate  are both cheaply available as fertilizer and are convenient to use. The precipitated strontium sulfate is a very fine powder which may be rinsed by repeated washings with hot water, settling and decanting. A final washing in the filter with acetone  or ethanol  will allow it to dry quickly. Do not use sulfuric acid  to precipitate strontium sulfate as this may result in the inclusion of acid droplets in the precipitated particles which can lead to spontaneous ignition of some mixtures.


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