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Strobe mixes are a type of pyrotechnic composition that flashes on and off when ignited. This formula is used in Strobe pots and Stars.

[edit] Tutorial - White Strobe MixEdit


Barium nitrate 51
Potassium nitrate 7
Sulfur 19
Magnalium (-100 mesh) 18
Dextrin 5

Other compositions, from internet page, " / ":

White strobe # 2

26% Ba (NO3) 2/II 17% Mg powder 6% Al bright 51% sulfur

White strobe #1

27% Ba (NO3) 2 18% Mg powder 55% sulfur

White strobe#4

60% NH4ClO4 25% of Magnalium fine powder 15% BaSO4 5% K2Cr2O7


60% Sr (NO3) 2 20% Magnalium 10% sulfur 10% dextrine


50% NH4ClO4 30% Mg powder 20% SrSO4 5% K2Cr2O7

Yellow strobe#1

50% NH4ClO4 40% Mg powder 10% NaSO4 +5% K2Cr2O7

Green strobe#1

60% Ba(NO3)2 20% Magnalium 10% sulfur 10% dextrine

Green strobe#2

60% NH4ClO4 23% Mg powder 17% BaSO4 +5% K2Cr2O7


  • This method is for the FIRST composition on the top of the page, please pay attention !

It is very important for the oxidizers to be in a very fine powder for the strobes to work successfully. If the nitrates are not already fine, they should be reduced using a Ball mill, Mortar and Pestle or a coffee grinder. Pass the dextrin and sulfur several times through a mesh screen to break up any lumps. They should also be a very fine powder, though it is not as critical as with the oxidizers. The particle size of the Magnalium is very important for regulating the frequency of flashes. Finer Magnalium will strobe faster, and coarser powder will strobe slower. Powders that are excessively fine or coarse may not strobe at all.

The mix can be made into stars in and of the usual ways, though the manufacturer should be aware that these stars are quite slow burning, and need a hot prime.

To make this mixture into strobe pots it should be dampened slightly to activate the Dextrin. Now take this mixture and press it into small paper cups (only fill them 1 inch) and place a fuse into the mixture and let dry. It will usually dry in 4-5 days.

Because the reaction between Nitrates and Aluminium in the presence of water is significantly more severe with un-coated Magnalium, It is advisable to add Boric acid, or use coated Magnalium. This composition should not be dried in direct sunlight.

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