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A roll of sticky match

Roll of sticky matchSticky match is made of two strips of clear cellophane tape containing a thin strip of black powder. One of the outer edges of one side is wider exposing the sticky tape. The type of black powder determines burn rate. Sticky match is available in two commercial varieties: fast (burns at 80-100 ft./sec.), and slow (burns at 1-2 ft./sec.). The fast is used where near-instantaneous ignition of multiple devices is required, particularly with set pieces in 1.3G. Sticky match can be quickly and easily attached to lances (the black powder trail is centered over the lance, then the sticky edges are folded down over the body). Sticky match leaves behind almost no residue when it burns. The thin tape layer is all that protects the black powder from sparks; consequently it is very prone to accidental ignition from falling sparks or nearby fuses. Sticky match can be made by the novice.

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