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Different sizes and shapes of stars

Rolled starsPyrotechnic stars are pellets or simply pieces of pyrotechnic substance which may contain metal powders, salts or other compounds that, when ignited, burn a certain colour or exude a spark effect. They are a part of all projectile type fireworks. The most common is the aerial shell. When you watch this firework, it will launch into the sky, propelled by a lift charge. Once the shell has attained proper altitude, a burst charge within the firework, it will ignite and eject the stars.

There are various methods in which stars can be made:

[1][2]Stars of the most common shapesThe picture to the right shows the most common shapes of stars (from left to right): A 10mm cut star (Chrysanthemum 6), a 8mm pumped star (yellow chlorate), a primed pumped star, a 16mm large pumped star and a 10mm round (rolled) star.

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