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Star primes are compositions that provide the activation energy necessary to light stars. Although some types of stars are known to ignite easily even without a prime e.g. black powder type compositions and chlorate compositions, it is a common commercial practice to prime stars no matter what they are made from.

Priming is good advice, since primes drastically reduce the chance of a star refusing to ignite or getting blown blind. On the other hand primes are sometimes used to form a protective barrier between two incompatible chemical compounds such as sulphur and chlorate. However, adaquately prime your stars and spare yourself the disappointment of getting through the trouble of making a shell and then have all your stars blown blind.

Note that some high temperature primes require ("outer") primes theirselves to be lit successfully.

Alongside common compositions (as listed below), many amateurs make use of other priming solutions that involve plain black powder combined with metal additives which make the resulting prime burn hotter. In this manner it is common to see e.g. 5% of finely devided silicon added to hand mixed BP, which will give a cheap but very reliable prime ensuring ignition in almost every case.

Black Powder/ "Scratch mix" Hardt #3 Hardt #4 Hardt #7 Thermite Red Thermite Veline Superprime Ofca Chlorate Hardt #6 Shimizu Igniter B Shimizu Twinkler BP Silicon, no outer prime needed
Potassium nitrate 75 64 35 38 75
Charcoal (airfloat) 15 13 25 20 30 30 15 6 15
Sulphur 10 8.5 5 10
Potassium perchlorate 35 55 65 37 74
Silicon 38 7 15
Meal D 19
Ferrotitanium -100 mesh 9.5
Aluminium (bright) 45 3
Magnalium -200 mesh 5
Wood meal -70 mesh 6
Iron oxide (red) 55 5
Lead tetraoxide 80 22
Ferro-silicon 20
Potassium dichromate 5 5
Sodium nitrate 80
Red gum 12
Dextrin 5 (add. %) 5 5 5 5 (add. %) 5 (add. %) 4 5 4 5 (add. %) 5 (add. %) 5 (add. %)


Star composition Inner Prime Outer Prime
C6, C8, Tiger Tail, Willow none, Black Powder
D1 Glitter, Better Pearl, Winokur´s Black Powder
Perchlorate based color (Organic) Black Powder
Perchlorate based color (Metallic), Veline´s Veline Superprime, BP Silicon (Black Powder)
Chlorate based Hardt #4, Ofca chlorate
Barium or strontium nitrate color Veline superprime, BP Silicon Black Powder
Silver wave, high Al contents Thermite, Red Thermite, Hardt #7 Black Powder
Ammonium perchlorate based color Hardt #6, Shimizu Igniter B
Ammonium perchlorate or nitrate based strobe Shimizu Twinkler

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