Shimizu Igniter B (AP Star Prime)Edit

From PyroGuideEdit

One of the main drawbacks associated with stars containing Ammonium perchlorate is their tendency to absorb water during storage. This is caused by a chemical reaction of Ammonium perchlorate in the star and the Potassium nitrate in the black powder prime which forms, the very hygroscopic, Ammonium nitrate. Because this normal prime cannot be used, Shimizu has created a prime that will work with these types of stars. Dr. Shimizu found an igniting composition for ammonium perchlorate based stars showing no undesired reactivity. It is still best used when humidity is less than 60%. It should be mixed and applied like any other prime.

Shimizu Igniter B

Sodium nitrate 80
Charcoal (Paulownia or Softwood) 15
Sulphur 5

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