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This is an alternative way to create candy propellant. It creates a very powerful powder that can be compared to commercial black powder used in old French musket when it's well done. This mixture, unlike candy propellant created by melting sugar, isn't hygroscopic so it can be stored for a long time without any special devices. The risks of ignition in the making process are lower than in the molten sugar process but when ignition occurs it is much more hazardous. This is due to the fact that this method creates fine entangled crystals of sugar and saltpeter wich create higher contact surface between the sugar and salpeter. You can also make a less powerful propellant just by mixing 60% KNO3 with 40% Sugar (candy propellant.)


[hide]*1 Composition

[edit] CompositionEdit

Potassium nitrate 65
Sugar 35
Iron oxide (red) 1%

Uses of brown iron oxide give better catalytic result then pure red oxide.

[edit] MaterialsEdit

Tools Digital scales, spoon, a thick steel container like an old kitchen pan and an electric heat source. Try to avoid using a naked flame as a heat source since the direct heat of the flame may ignite the mix, causing you all sorts of problems.

[edit] MethodEdit

NOTE: The gas that comes from this mixture as it is cooking is a mucus membrane irritant. It is recommended that this be done outside.

First, take all chemicals and mix them with an equal volume or more of water. The resulting mix should be like sand in a brown liquid. The next step is to heat on the hot plate. Every crystal should dissolve when it approaches 100 Celsius, otherwise it is important to add more water. When everything has dissolved, keep heating and agitating until water partially evaporates and the mix gets pasty. At this time it is important to reduce heat and agitate well since sugar must NOT caramelize at all. Overheating will make the sugar caramelize and further heating will make the mix ignite. In the middle of the drying process, grinding the granulated chemicals with a mortar and a pestle will help to avoid changing into caramel and will make the drying process faster. After grinding, return the powder back on the stove. the temperature should not exceed 110 Celsius. When the powder is dry, remove it from the hot plate and grind it again to get a fine powder. For greater safety, when the mixture gets pasty it can be removed from the hot plate and let to naturally dry. It is important to grind the chemicals once they look solid and then let dry again to ensure there is no more water.

[edit] UsesEdit

  • Propellant: this powder, used as is or compressed, creates a very good propellant for rockets. In compressed form it acts much like original KNSU (KNO3/Sucrose), reducing its burning speed.

[1][2]Click for larger image*Brown match: the powdered form of KNSU can be use to create slow match the same way it is done for black match but without dextrin. Those matches burn at 0.3 to 1 inch per second(typically around 0.6 inch per sec).

  • Lift powder: a mixture of finely ground powder and granular (30/70) acts very well to shoot a shell at medium height, but like black powder it needs a lot of powder.

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