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In pyrotechnics, some of the most common color effect stars are red stars. They're a classic favorite of those wishing for a powerful color that can be used in almost every device. Organically fuelled stars tend to burn with a flame where as metallic fuelled stars will burn much brighter then the organically fuelled ones.

Lancaster Red/Silver - pill box
Potassium perchlorate 47
Strontium carbonate 20
Red gum 10
Aluminium (bright) 10
Aluminium (flitter 30/80) 10
Magnesium (+200 mesh) 3
Add alcohol
Lancaster Red - pressed
Strontium nitrate 55
Magnesium 28
PVC 17
According to Rev. Ron Lancaster the addition of 5% Red gum makes a good pillbox star, if the composition is damped with alcohol.
Ellern No.62 - pressed
Potassium perchlorate 9
Strontium nitrate 42
Magnesium 30
PVC 12
Laminac (polyester) 7
Veline Red - cut, rolled
Potassium perchlorate 55
Strontium carbonate 15
Magnalium (-200 mesh) 6
Red gum 9
Parlon 15
Dextrin +4
Add 25% alcohol/ 75%water
Ruby red - rolled, pumped
Strontium nitrate 50
Potassium perchlorate 8
Parlon 18
Magnalium (-325 mesh) 12
Charcoal (airfloat) 5
Sulfur 5
Red gum 2
Dextrin 5
Add 25% alcohol/ 75%water

Buell Red - cut, rolled
Potassium perchlorate 35
Strontium carbonate 25
Magnalium (-200 mesh) 14
Red gum 7
Parlon 13
Dextrin 5
Add 25% alcohol/ 75%water
Hardt Red Star #5
Potassium perchlorate 25
Strontium nitrate 20
Strontium sulfate 15
Red gum 5
Parlon 15
Magnalium -200 mesh 20
Add acetone
Electric Magenta - rolled, pumped
Potassium perchlorate 8
Strontium nitrate 38
Parlon 18
Magnalium (200 mesh) 12
Copper carbonate 10
Charcoal (airfloat) 5
Sulfur 5
Dextrin 4
Add 25% alcohol/ 75%water
Pakeha Red #1
Potassium perchlorate 50
Strontium carbonate 15
Parlon 13
Magnalium 13
Sulfur 5
Red gum 4
If a binder other than Parlon is desired, 5% can be added without significant degradation of flame

Method Grind all chemicals as fine as possible except for the metal. The oxidizers should be ground down separately from the fuel. This can be done using a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Screen the chemicals together by passing the mixture several times through a mesh screen. If the composition contains dextrin, its function is to act as adhesive and bind the composition together, eventually hardening it into a solid mass once it is dry.


Fireworks: Principles and Paractice. Reverend Ronald Lancaster, MBE. 4th Edition.

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