Pearl Streamer StarEdit

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Pearl streamer stars produce a bright aqua hue, similar to that of a Granite Star. They also leave behind a smoke trail when propelled through the air. Pearl Streamers are easily lit, and rock hard when dry.

[edit] CompositionEdit

Zinc powder 40
Potassium nitrate 35
Charcoal (airfloat) 15
Sulfur 5
Dextrin 5

[edit] MethodEdit

Grind all chemicals as fine as possible except for the zinc powder, charcoal and dextrin as they are already in a powdered state. This can be done for instance using a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Screen the chemicals together by passing the mixture several times through a mesh screen. The function of the dextrin is to act as adhesive and bind the composition together, eventually hardening it into a solid mass once it is dry.

Mix up a solution of about 75% water and 25% isopropyl alcohol (do not add any more than 25% alcohol as it will reduce the adhesive properties of the dextrin). The alcohol makes the water wetter by breaking down the surface tension of the composition and allows the water to be absorbed easier. The drying time of a composition is also reduced as alcohol evaporates faster than water.

Add some of the solution to the composition and mix well. Keep adding until it is damp enough to clump together if you squeezed an amount in your hand. Don't make the mixture too wet or it will make pumping impossible. If this happens, just add more dry mix.

Pump, press or cut the stars via your desired method and dust with meal powder while damp to assist in ignition. Dry slowly, no direct sunlight to avoid cracking from uneven shrinkage.

Source: Kosanke

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