Old-fashioned StarsEdit

From PyroGuideEdit

There are numerous star compositions that are not commonly used any longer for various reasons. One reason may be safety: some old comps employed chemical combinations that were downright dangerous such as the extensive combinement of chlorate and sulfur etc. These will not be given and have to be avoided at all costs.

Other compositions are both safer and still worth a batch. However, some employ toxic chemicals such as Calomel and adaquate protection is necessary. Nevertheless experienced hobbyists should give it a try.

Lancaster Crimson - pillbox
Potassium perchlorate 57
Shellac (+60 mesh) 14
Strontium nitrate 29
Add alcohol
Lancaster Lilac - pillbox
Potassium perchlorate 60
Shellac (+60 mesh) 10
Strontium carbonate 5
Copper oxychloride 5
Mercury chloride (Calomel) 20
Add alcohol

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