Mesh Sizes and MicronsEdit

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Understanding the micron: The micron is a unit of length, 1 micron is equivalent to a millionth of a meter, or equivalently, one thousandth of a millimeter. It is also commonly known as micrometer.

Mesh sizes: This is the number of openings in a sieve per linear inch, As you can imagine, the more openings per inch you have in a sieve the smaller the particles that make it through the sieve must be. Therefore it should come to you as no great surprise that the higher the mesh number, the smaller the particles must be. Standardized sieves show a known wire thickness.

U.S. Standard Space between wires
Sieve Mesh No. Inches Microns Typical Material
14 0.056 1400 -
28 0.028 700 Beach sand
60 0.0098 250 Fine sand
100 0.0059 150 -
200 0.0030 74 Portland cement
325 0.0017 44 Silt
400 0.0015 37 Plant pollen
(1200) 0.0005 12 Red blood cells
(2400) 0.0002 6 -
(4800) 0.0001 2 Cigarette smoke

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