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This is a promising magnalium-based colour system designed by a member of our community (KCNKickthecat) showing some similiarities to the famous Veline color system. Its inventor on youtube decribes his intentions as follows: "This is my attempt to create a colour system that utilises a simple base-mix that consists of the fuels and chlorine donors. The base mix is the same for any colour and is even used in the same proportion. This is to (hopefully) simplify pyrotechnic colour creation."

The destinctive feature of this special approach of colour production is that "the oxidizer mixtures are the only variable needed to change the star colour." The ratio oxidizer(s)/colour producing agent(s) to base mix remains 70:30 each time.

The resulting colors are quite impressive and the system itself is quite easy and profitable e.g. giving the possibility to premix and store the base mix. We are glad the inventor permitted us to make a site.

Base mix
Magnalium 10
Parlon 8
Charcoal (willow or softwood airfloat) 3
Red gum 4

Basic colour compositions Blue Yellow Orange Red Green
Potassium perchlorate 60 45 50 45 50
Potassium nitrate 15
Sodium nitrate 10
Calcium nitrate 20
Strontium nitrate 25
Barium nitrate 20
Cupric oxide 10
Base mix 30 30 30 30 30
Bind stars with nitrocellulose lacquer.
The inventor suggests priming the stars with granulated benzolift while still wet,
but other primes (suitable for MgAl-stars) will also work well.

The inventor furthermore states that "all of the oxidizer mixes are chemically compatible and fully blendable to create composite colors" (such as e.g. turquoise seen in the case of the Veline system). So far no guidelines for blending have been worked out and one is left with trial and error. Maybe the Veline proportions serve as rough guidelines.

The stars work "best if pumped" but the inventor is sure "they´ll work if cut or rolled". Retrieved from "

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