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150px-Emerald green falling
Emerald green stars. Silver tail is the result of the Black powder and Aluminium prime which has not completely burned off, and is not a feature of this star composition.These stars generally give better and more brilliant colours than compositions without magnesium, Magnalium or Aluminium. This is because in the latter case the flame temperature is lower and the emitting molecules are not stimulated equally well. Care must be taken to adequately protect the metals, if necessary, and to ensure good ignition as they are often harder to ignite. The stars show a higher burning rate than organically fueled ones.

Note that with some comps water must not be used for consolidation for there would be reactions with magnesium (with heat and hydrogen gas generation) in such a case. With Stars containing Chlorates and Aluminium, the use of Potassium nitrate in priming them may lead to ignition and is not to be recommended.

Shimizu ammon green brilliant - high temp
Ammonium perchlorate 41.0
Magnesium (60 mesh coated with Potassium dichromate) 33.3
Red gum 9.5
Barium carbonate 9.5
Potassium dichromate 1.9
SGRS 4.8
Add 25% alcohol / 75% water Needs special prime, no BP!
Shimizu green star brilliant - high temp
Barium nitrate 42
Magnesium (60 mesh coated with linseed oil) 25
PVC 15
Lampblack or Softwood airfloat 2
Potassium perchlorate 16
Add NC-solution in acetone, no water!
Lancaster Green/Silver - pillbox
Barium chlorate 25
Barium nitrate 25
Aluminium (bright) 19
Potassium chlorate 13
Red gum 7
Dextrin 5
Barium carbonate 4
Charcoal (airfloat) 2
Add 25% alcohol / 75% water
Hardt Green Star #5
Barium nitrate 56
Red gum 7
Magnalium -200 mesh 17
PVC 15
Dextrin 5
Add 25% alcohol / 75% water
Hardt Green Star #6
Barium chlorate 45
Potassium perchlorate 18
Red gum 6
Charcoal airfloat 3
Magnalium -200 mesh 11
Parlon 12
Dextrin 5
Add 25% alcohol / 75% water
Kyle Kepley's Emerald green (MgAl)
Barium nitrate 50
Parlon 18
Magnalium 12
Potassium perchlorate 8
Sulfur 5
Charcoal 5
Dextrin +5
Red gum 2
Bind by wetting with Water or Acetone.

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