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Jump to: navigation, searchGolden Powder in general refers to a composition consisting primarily of potassium nitrate and ascorbic acid(vitamin C) cooked together to form a "golden powder". It is considered a black powder substitute. An uncooked version exists with a few additional chemicals.

[edit] CompositionEdit

The following weight percent composition has been prepared and found to provide optimum gas generating characteristics:

Potassium nitrate 64.3
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 32.1
Charcoal 1.8
Iron oxide (red) 1.8

[edit] MethodEdit

If the starting materials have particle sizes less than about 150 microns, then the ingredients may be mixed together without the use of a ball mill. When the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed, and / or reduced in size, the resulting composition then has the capability of being used for propellant, without a cooking step. The composition will not have the desired properties if the following steps are not taken: Water, will next be added to the composition, although the addition of water is optional. The amount of water added need only be enough to moisten the composition. Experimentation has shown that the amount of water normally ranges from between about 0% and about 5%, of dry composition, with the optimum amount of water being about 1.5% of dry composition. Other materials may be used as a binder, for example vegetable starch, such as corn starch or ethyl cellulose, "binder" materials also assist in compacting the material. Too much moisture added to the mixture will not affect the firing of the subsequently dried composition, but will cause the composition to stick, the mixture may be formed into sheets by hand kneading techniques, without mechanical pressure, or it may be subjected to pressures of as much as 40,000 psi, or more. While the compaction and formation of sheets of the composition either by hand or by using a roll mill press apparatus. After drying the mixture it is then broken up and screened and separated to desired size. 

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