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Jump to: navigation, searchPotassium perchlorate flash is the most commonly used flash powder in the pyrotechnic industry. It has a great balance of stability and power, and is usually comprised of Potassium perchlorate and Aluminum powder. Some compositions also contain Sulfur, and are accordingly stronger. Mixing these chemicals should be done with great care because all flash mixtures are highly sensitive to shock and friction. The aluminum used in these compositions should be 'dark pyro-grade' for best results. These compositions will produce the loudest sounds in salutes when aluminum below 10 or 12 microns is used. Never mill or hand grind flash powders!

[edit] CompositionsEdit

The first composition supposedly has the loudest report obtainable with a potassium perchlorate mixture. The second is slightly quieter, but safer due to the lack of sulfur. The third is extremely fast burning, but also sensitive and unsuitable for storage. The fourth is a near-stoichiometric mixture of KClO4 and Dark Al, and produces the loudest report obtainable with these 2 components.

Shimizu 1

Potassium perchlorate 64
Aluminum (preferably dark) 23
Sulfur 13

Shimizu 2

Potassium perchlorate 72
Aluminum (preferably dark) 28

Shimizu Magnesium

Potassium perchlorate 50
Magnesium 50

Stoichiometric Perchlorate/Aluminum

Potassium perchlorate 2
Aluminum (Dark Pyro) 1

[edit] MethodEdit

Mix together using the diaper method. Do not use any other method when creating flash powder as it is very sensitive. Do not ram or wet. As always, please exercise extreme caution when mixing flash powder compositions. 

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