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Jump to: navigation, searchNitrate flash is a type of flash powder that uses a nitrate as its oxidizer. This is a very common type of flash powder, has good strength, and relatively-low sensitivity to friction and shock. Nitrate flash is usually safer to handle than some other flash powders--like those that utilize chlorates or permanganates. However, all compositions containing nitrates and Aluminium create basic conditions, evolving heat that can lead to spontaneous combustion. A small percent of boric acid should be added to counter this reaction. A great variety of nitrate flash mixtures exist. Never mill or hand grind flash powders!

[edit] CompositionsEdit

Magnalium based flash

Potassium nitrate 55
Magnalium 45
Sulfur 5

Caution: This is a very powerful mix with it using magnalium. It must be made and handled with extreme caution!

Potassium nitrate 50
Aluminum powder 30
Sulfur 20

Miller - Bangor powder 1

Potassium nitrate 60
Aluminum powder 30
Sulfur 10

Miller - Bangor powder 2

Potassium nitrate 67
Aluminum powder 16.5
Sulfur 16.5

Magnesium Composition

Potassium nitrate 50
Magnesium Powder 50

Caution: Magnesium flash is more unstable, it decomposes over time and sometimes can spontaneously combust. Coat your magnesium with linseed oil to prevent unwanted reactions

[edit] MethodEdit

Mix together using the diaper method. Do not use any other method when creating flash powder as it is very sensitive. Do not ram or wet

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