Goldshmidt ReactionEdit

Basically consist in thermite reaction when a metallic oxide and a reactive metallic fuel react together releasing lots of heat, sparks and solid residues.

In this particullar case we will explain the follow reaction:

3CuO + 2Al => 3Cu + Al2O3

For this beware of the fumes released cause it mostly contains elemental Copper vapors wich will stain everything near the reaction. 

The behavior of this thermite makes it atractive for replacing perchlorate, chlorate or even nitrate flash compositions.

Chemicals Flash #1 (ballanced) Flash #2 (fast)
CuO (cupric oxide) 4.41 gr 3 gr
German Dark Al 1 gr 1 gr

Both are suitable for reports but Flash #2 is somehow faster and more sensitive to flame.

When ignited unconfined will go off with a bright yellowish flash and a loud-deep "pop". Once confined will make a loud and deep report but lacking of the brissance of Perchlorate or Chlorate based flash composition.

It doesnt seem to be friction or impact sensitive, is also a bit difficult to ignite so a prime dipped fuse or some black match piece attach on the fuse will aid and will ensure proper ignition.

Due to Cupric oxide`s high density it could seem you doesnt have too much composition but beware and treat it with the same respect as any other Flash powder.

It can be prepared by diaper method or even shaking both chemicals in a plastic flask with NO kind of milling media inside.

Especial Thanks to the youtuber Basco36 for the excellent video.

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