Fireflies on Cocaine (or Flaming Shit Falls on You) by Bill Kimbrough

Chemical Percent
Potassium Nitrate 46%
Pine Charcoal 44%
Sulfur 6%
Magnalium, 30 mesh 10%
Barium Carbonate 6%
Starpol (subbed by Dextrin) 5%

Comments "I like to take the pine charcoal as it comes out of the yard grinder, and put it in the ball mill for 10 minutes. Sift out (remove) what doesn't fall through a window screen, and just use the mixed granulation of the charcoal--Better charcoal effect. I mostly roll mine with starpol as a binder, but I have made the formula into comets, firework stars, and even tried it in lances. Pump, cut or rolled firework stars, worked good for me, but never use starpol as the binder if it is to be the outside of a color change firework star, as it will surely cause a moisture problem. 

The following Firefly aluminum firework star composition [all parts by weight]Edit

Firefly #1Edit

Potassium nitrate             50

Charcoal (airfloat)            29

Charcoal (80 mesh)          10.5

Sulfur                               6

Aluminum (firefly,flake)   4.5

Dextrin                            +5

Firefly #2Edit

Potassium nitrate             45

Charcoal (airfloat)            27

Charcoal (80 mesh)          10

Sulfur                               8

Aluminum (firefly,flake)   5

Dextrin                            +5

Firefly #3Edit

Potassium nitrate              49
Airfloat charcoal                29
80 mesh charcoal             11
Sulfur                               9
Firefly aluminum                5
Dextrin                             +5

Firefly #4Edit

Potassium nitrate            48

Charcoal (airfloat)           25

Charcoal (80 mesh)         10

Sulfur                              8

Aluminum (firefly,flake)  4

Dextrin                           +5 

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