Making farfalle & farfalle shell step by step 1.First what we need. Make 14mm I.D. tubes wall thickness is 3mm outer d. is 20mm. Its special diameter for farfalle inserts number in shell. 4 In holds 11 inserts. 5 in holds 14 inserts. 6 in holds 17 inserts: In one ring. Tube length can by diferent, standart is 70 mm. 2. Make bottom plugs. Plugs thickness I make 5-10 mm. 5mm  if hole is in the middle of the ends trought the farfalle insert. (Pic1) 10mm if at end in front of the endplug trought the farfalle insert (Pic.2)

Inserts dif tipe2

Middle holes make wider , end holes make narrower spark tails.

3. Prepare farfalle mix. Farfalle mix have different types but more usable in amateurs is PB mixed with metals filings titanium, ferotitanium, steel and aluminium somtimes. My choise  100g BP+15g Ti . Somebody can use bp rocket propellant, and mix it with metals, it`s usable to. 4.Ramming mix to the tubes. Be careful with FeTi, don`t work indoors with any metals, keep off from combustible objects, farfalle mix keep in bucket with hermetic lid because ramming. 5.Ramming end plugs. 6.Punch the holes. Be careful don`t drill, don`t forged with a hammer . Use 3mm tickness similat to a flat screwdriver tool, it work great (Pic.3) The only way to drill a hole, before ramming the mix


Pic. 3

7. Put black match in or prime holes with slurry and granulated BP.

Farfalle insert ready to load.

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