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Jump to: navigation, searchColored fires are slow burning color compositions that are burnt as heaps (without a container) or being loaded into short tubes by simple means. The devices are quite similar to torches (fusees) and bengals forasmuch they all principally feature modified colored star mixes in which the combustive agents (like airfloat charcoal or lampblack) generally are omitted. To the contrary they often contain retardants such as woodmeal ensuring a longer burn duration.

If a container is employed, we make use of thin-walled tubes (no thicker than 1,5mm) that will burn away with the composition. Any lenght of tube can be used with a common size being 75mm in lenght and 18mm I.D. The devices are charged using a drift and hand pressure or by means of a funnel and wire rod and many of the following compositions will burn more reliably and steadily if they are only shaken down the tube.

Colored fire compositions:

Blue A Blue B Blue C Green A Green B Green C Red A Red B Red C Yellow A Yellow B White A White B Silver A
Ammonium perchlorate 46 30 50
Potassium perchlorate 26 40 60 49 66 68 75 75 64
Strontium nitrate 66
Barium nitrate 35 31 45
Barium chlorate 55
Potassium chlorate 33 13
Red gum 15 15 12 15 15 14 11 15 5
Potassium nitrate 74 13 15
Shellac 60 mesh 17 15
Copper carbonate (basic) 10 15
Cupric oxide 10
Strontium carbonate 20 11
Cryolite 10
Sodium oxalate 10
Sulphur 8
Orpiment (Arsenic trisulphide) 18
Stearine 3
Lactose 20
Chlorinated hydrocarbon 10 5
Wood meal 10
Antimony 13
Aluminium (dark) 15
Aluminium (middle flitter 30/80) 20
Copal gum 10
Charcoal (airfloat) 4

Sources: Lancaster, Ronald: Fireworks, Principles and practice, 3rd ed., p.220ff Retrieved from "

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