Black Powder (Perchlorate)Edit

Perchlorate black powder is a simple and unoptimized variant of Standard black powder obtained by replacing the Potassium nitrate  with Potassium perchlorate Potassium perchlorate.

No mixtures of a fuel and Potassium perchlorate can be processed in a ball mill nor rammed via hammer. Therefore the chemicals must be as a fine powder prior to the mixing process. A mixture containing Perchlorates and sulfur will be of a high sensitivity to shock and friction, slightly less so than one with Chlorates. However unlike Chlorates, Perchlorates do not have the problem with having an extreme sensitivity to the acid content of the sulfur and is therefore used in practice more frequently.

Perchlorate Black Powder is not a suitable lift, it is likely to be dangerous to due to the increased pressure having a much greater effect on the burn rate than Black powder.


Potassium perchlorate 75
Charcoal (Airfloat) 15
Sulfur 10

A more optimised formula for the same thing is Shimizu's KP  burst charge.

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