120px-Malta inserts

Beraq shell showing inserts


From PyroGuideEdit

Click for larger imageA Beraq Shell is a type of aerial shell traditionally made by the pyrotechnicians of Malta. This type of shell is either a single shell, or multiple shells timed to break separately, in which, at effect, a break charge propels projectiles outward in the same pattern and fashion as a chrysanthemum shell propels stars. These projectiles, called "inserts", are small canister shells that contain a break charge or flash powder, and are timed to break simultaneously. Some shells contain multiple sets of inserts, all timed appropriately to break at multiple times. The break charge can also be of a specific color or type. Some more advanced shells also contain stars, comets, or different types of inserts such as Bees or Go-Getters. Click for larger image

As you can see in this image, red flash powder can be used in the inserts for colored breaks. Click for larger image

An image of some inserts loaded into a traditional Maltese canister shell. The shell is very thin, and a medium-sized shell can contain hundreds of inserts. 

 Some Maltese Beraq shells that are multiple breaks, as well as multiple colors and additional effects.Edit

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